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Opera and Gospel Singer Calesta Day Makes Peoria Her Home By Robin Carter

Dr. Calesta Day

am sure that most cities if not all would love to have someone whom they consider a huge source of pride for their home town. Dr. Calesta Day, (AKA Callie Day) is a native-born “songbird” from Atlanta, Georgia residing in Peoria. She is a Song Writer, an Opera and Gospel Singer, and Musician. Her father was a Preacher; her mother was the First Lady of a local Baptist Church there in Atlanta. She was sometimes referred to as PK, (Preacher’s Kid) by those who knew her. Calesta grew up as an only child in her family and because of this she received a lot of attention from her family members, yet this has not caused her to be selfish at all. It has made her an amazing, caring and generous person who believes in giving back to the community and her church. It has also taught her how to depend on God for guidance and to step out on faith for the things she wants to obtain in life.

Calesta states that her grandfather was a minister as well. In fact, the majority of her immediate family members consisted of deacons, ministers, musicians, music teachers, and singers. She added that whenever the family had large gatherings or big events her family alone would be the entertainment. Her grandmother Gertrude taught her a lot of what she understands about music and technique today and was actually her first music, voice, and piano teacher. Her grandparents were well-known for their “Gospel Pearl Singing.” Calesta’s husband was also a singer and they shared similar common interests.

Calesta obtained an Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Musical Arts Degrees in Vocal Performance; a Master of Science in Education along with Allied Professions and a Doctorate of Musical Arts In Vocal Performance with the completion of her dissertation “Exploring The Role Of African American Opera Singers” in “The Establishment Of The Spiritual As A Musical Art Form” from 1900-1920. In August 2016, she released her first debut single, “Hear My Prayer.” This song is so amazingly beautiful and is a “must hear” and can be purchased on Though Calesta is a dynamic Opera Singer, she is well-known for other music genres including Gospel music. She gives credit to her Aunt Estella for her Opera voice technique.

Calesta is known for her angelic voice of which I have not heard anything like it before in my lifetime. Her unique voice management is “off the chain.” She is able to range from an extremely high-pitched sound to one as low and deep as a baritone all in one note. It’s that type of experience that will cause your jaws to drop in awe and admiration as you’re not sure what to expect next. She has traveled all around the world singing both Opera and Gospel Music performing in plays. Several of her music videos, performances, and plays can be seen on You-Tube. During the Summer months of 2018 she spent nearly two months at the Opera House in Paris, France for scheduled performances for the “Opera National De’ Paris Ballet.” In December of 2018, she performed in the play, The Birth of a Promise at the Potter’s House, Bishop TD Jakes’ church in Dallas, Texas. Research indicates that this church contains more than 28,000 members on campus alone.

Great experiences are clearly on-going for Dr. Calesta Day for her talent is a God-given and truly blessed one. While many celebrities may choose to relocate to the bright lights of New York, Los Angeles, or other major cities, some tend to remain local. Calesta chose to relocate here, in Peoria, Illinois where she is a faithful member of the Church of The Living God on Lake Avenue. My hope is that she continues to grow in her endeavors and to be more visible in the Opera/Gospel eyes of our city so that we can support and give rise to her “fame.”