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Oh, What Joy, Love and Peace By Robin Carter

It’s that time of year again where Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Families will gather in small groups to enjoy the holiday dinner. There may be moments where some sadness may occur while thinking of those loved ones who are no longer with us. But don’t dismiss the thoughts completely, instead take a little time to reflect and remind yourself of those happy times that you shared with them. Remember that smile, that joy in their hearts, that certain laugh that only you could make happen for them.

The Bible speaks more of joy rather than happiness. Happiness is that thing that can come and go in the spare of a moment; it’s that glad feeling that depends on something good happening to you. This simply means that you may not be happy all the time. I believe that the Lord wants us to be happy as long as He approves of that thing that is happening with us. Though His greater desire is that we have unconditional and unspeakable joy. (John 15:11; 16:22) Jesus says His joy will remain in us and no one can take this from us.

We may find ourselves thinking or saying, if only I had “this” or “that thing,” I would be totally happy.” But the most common mistake we as humans can make is to think that having material things or lots of

money will complete our happiness. And if we had everything that we wanted, would we really be happy, and if so, for how long? You could be content in your way of living but find yourself suffering from self-pity, self-centeredness and self-absorbed. On the other hand, Joy will flourish if we tend to focus on loving others and especially loving on God, the Creator of all things. Joy comes from the Holy Spirit, abiding in God’s presence, and hope in His Word.

Please allow me to share my Biblical recipe with you as it is listed as follows: Add lots of love to your life, two scoops of hope, one tablespoon of patience, 6 teaspoons of faith, 4 cups of forgiveness, and 100% of humility. Omit anger, fear, worry, greed, jealousy, hatred, a proud look, murmuring and complaining and your final results will be, oh, what joy, love and peace I have found.

Have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving.