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I do care much for springtime
My heart keeps winter’s place
The summer sun, to me such fun
Yet autumn takes much space

In my mind, at this time
I cannot help for I must
Give that season most of me
For with this time I trust

To open up and let flow
That I may blend with the fall
To speak with what I’ll miss
When God to her does call

In a tone, none own
And none can hear like she can
The voice of God and the Love
God did not trust to man

That man should call to Autumn
Nor can he speak with grace
Making seasons know their time
Each to know the place

Where they should flee, there to be
Still and wait till it’s their time
To come anew, to me and you
Seek and then do find

That one among us earthly beings
Who love their life and grew
To trust that season they love most
So, Autumn, I am trusting you

To always bring your golden time
Please lay your splendor at my feet
Touch my face with your winds
Be for me complete

And I will always love you much
That when you must go where
God of all this universe
Stores your beauty there

To save it for another time
And place that we shall meet again
That while you speak, I will write
How Autumn was my true friend.

Thoughts Out of Mind Nov. 1988