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Obedience Over Financial Gain: Jocelyn Jones has Taken her Power Back through Public Service By Cassiette West-Williams

Pretty, polished and poised, Jocelyn Jones pondered her mission in life. She was a powerless Christian, surrounded by worldly goods and material things.

She sat on the brink of earning a six figure and upward salary. Her heart-strings pulled at answering the call of serving a needy community. Much like her peers, she sought the good life and had prepared educationally for it, but her consciousness beckoned. What was the right move vs. what was pleasing to God?

Is it okay to be a “Cliff Note” Christian or a Christian woman in active duty? Jones decided on the later example, following the example of her favorite mentors from Apostle Paul. This apostle was known for his militant and controversial writing and teaching. He was a Roman citizen and the son of a Jew, who was unafraid to die for his beliefs.

”I am titling my sermon, “I’m taking my power back,” said Jones. The University of Iowa graduate channeled her journalism background to focus now on Christian leadership for youth and young adults.

“Paul was unapologetic and bold about what he believed. He knew that there was power in the word of God. In the word of God, there is power to save, the power to deliver and the power to transform,” said Jones.

Jones, who now serves as the executive director of Saint Sabina’s Ark, a community outreach center in Chicago, spoke eloquently about her plight, during a recent youth service. In a world that focuses on materialism and profit, Jones’ message was one of encouragement and self-reflection. The Hazel crest native has worked through the ranks with Saint Sabina’s Ark since 2007.

“The question to think about is why are there so many powerless Christians in the church,” Jones asked.

Like Paul, Jones wants to stand as a witness on how God fulfills promises and provides inner satisfaction in one’s life.

“How many of you feel that you are tired of walking with your head down? I’m tired of walking alone. Make a change! You have to make a choice…I don’t have to live a second-hand life,” she said.

Jones shared a journey about working for corporate America, and accessing wealth. The money was growing, but her spirit was beckoning for her to look for happiness elsewhere. She was never happy, stressed out, always on the run for the job and worn out from working continuously.

Jones was miserable with a bankroll of money! A company official explained to her that she could simply write out a check to the church to satisfy her desire to please God.

When one feels comfortable in their sin, by being complacent, distracted, doubtful and powerless, we must take a stand as a Christian and refuse to fall into a hole. Jones said she refuses to accept the devil’s traps and trickery. If one fights against the devil’s manipulation, there is victory on the side of God.