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Nurture Potential: The Power of Yet By Latasha Schraeder

Newly vowed resolutions, anticipation about the new year set to unfold, and reflections about the current year concluding are all familiar actions and emotions once the exhilaration of Christmas Day has subsided. This year, I challenge you to make an addition to your new year customs. Consider the power of yet.
Merriam-Webster dictionary defines yet as an adverb meaning “so far”. Although yet consists of only three letters, the concept of yet is a powerful one. Yet implies that something is still to come. It is associated with possibility. Yet is a three-letter word for opportunity!

While the year is brand-new have conversations with your children about the power of yet. Perhaps, school productivity has become mediocre. January offers a chance to regard the classroom with renewed spirit. Maybe your children haven’t presented their best efforts – yet.

January is also the perfect time to concentrate on including healthier foods in your children’s diets. Complete your usual meals with more vegetables. Create smoothies with your favorite food. Think outside of the box! Most of us don’t eat our recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables – yet.

It is difficult for our children to get exercise during the winter months. Make a resolution to include more movement in your children’s daily lives. There are countless exercise videos for children available on the internet. The local park district offers fitness classes for every age. Winter sports are also an avenue to include movement. Many of these options are not considered – yet.

As we embark on a new adventure known as 2018, I am hopeful you will consider the power of yet. You and your children will be better for it. Each month offers new opportunities. Discover the power of yet with your children. I dare you!
Be your child’s fiercest advocate.