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New Law helps amateur sports participants By Cassiette West-Williams

Opportunity for sports athletes is a dream come true for Malcolm Harris. The son of a young, single parent, Harris is looking forward to making some money from his “brand.” The point guard said that he may never play professionally for the Chicago Bulls, but the need to earn money for survival is necessary now.

When Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker signed  SB 2338 in June, Illinois became the first state to assist student-athletes with maintaining some power and control over one’s life. Until now, the coaches or sports administrations called the shots over college athletes life. Oftentimes they have scholarships, school work, families, and outside expenses to balance all at once.

 “Yeah, I plan to move my mom outta here, as soon as possible,” he said. “Any and all money earned will buy her a house,” Harris said. He grew up in challenging circumstances, and having secure housing would make a huge difference in his life.

The basketball player designs gym shoes, tee-shirts, and dabbles with murals and art-driven ventures. 

“The NBA is a maybe because some guys are better than me, but I don’t want these business opportunities to pass me by he said.

Gov. Pritzker allows for any athlete in any sport or division to control their own likeness, image, name, and voice in partnerships with other business or commercial properties.