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New Children’s Book by Local Author Frieda J. Roulds to be available Early Fall 2018

Book Cover Frieda Roulds_1

Frieda Rould color_1After almost 30 years of teaching and now retired for two years, the dream of a lifetime is beginning to come alive for a new local author, Frieda J. Roulds with her first children’s book. Ms. Roulds is passionate about teaching and mentoring children and young people in the Peoria community and beyond.

Utilizing years of classroom experience and putting it into book form, has been her dream for many years. This dream was birthed out of an awareness of children over the years who were coming into the classroom not sure where or even if there was a place they fit into. Because of that uncertainty, it was very difficult for them to focus and perform at their expected potential. “At times, some of them seemed to be consumed beyond their years. The thought of children having to bear such burdens became overwhelming and heartbreaking,” stated Ms. Roulds.

So, after retirement the thought of a children’s book that would address this issue finally became a possibility. The book is titled “A Family Story, Ok To Be Different, OK To Be Me.” It’s based on finding acceptance and being comfortable as the individual we were created to be. Acceptance can make all the difference in one’s life, especially the life of a child. The book is designed for readers from Pre-K to about 3rd, 4th grade, or for anyone interested in reading/hearing a great family story.

The illustrations are in full-page vibrant color. The words are written to captivate one’s attention due to its practicality. It’s expected to be available for purchase around late summer, early fall, and will be available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and most online retail bookstores. It can be purchased in paperback, hardback, kindle and nook edition. The book can also be purchased directly through the author.

Keep your eyes open for the release of the book in the very near future.