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New Author and Lifestyle Guru Cleo Dailey, III Releases Novel

Lazurus Come Forth!

 Sunday, July 15th was a proud day in the Traveler Weekly family as we celebrated new author and lifestyle guru Cleo Dailey, III in the signing and release of his neophyte novel, “The Miseducation of the Miracle: the Memoirs of a Modern Day Lazurus.”

Held at the illustrious G.A.R. Hall in downtown Peoria, Cleo hosted a full house of anticipating friends and followers to a classy affair. From start to finish, Cleo was masterful, giving the city beautifully ornate décor, hosts, refreshments, and music. But what was most touching was the presentation of the book itself.

300-Cleo Dailey III Braylin Anthony Marshall_v1

Cleo Dailey, III pictured with Braylin Anthony Marshall

Cleo was announced to come in and a young man appeared. We were thrown off, as this child was clearly not what we expected. Soon following, Cleo appeared dressed exactly as this child, clarifying that he was speaking to himself as himself in the future. Cleo was candid, transparent, witty, and intelligent in his approach to this masterpiece. He read excerpts from the Memoirs, and did unrehearsed question and answer sessions with all those in attendance. We laughed, cried, and saw people make life changing decisions that day; and Cleo made each person in attendance feel like they were the only one in the room.

New Author and Lifestyle Guru Cleo Dailey, III Releases Novel

This easy to read novel, written in first person conversational style, is much like his every day teachings, ministry, and life. He ushers the reader through the journey of brokenness, self-destruction, enlightenment, resurrection, and new life in a way that is not churchy and yet full of God. Now available via his email, (, social media sites, Venmo, CashApp, or Paypal, this Memoir is a must have in your personal library!

Cleo, your Traveler Weekly family is so proud of you, and we are looking forward to celebrating every step toward the New York Times Best Seller list! (Feel free to contact Cleo personally or though us to obtain your personally signed copy!)