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Never In My Lifetime By Martha Ross

Martha Ross

I think we can safely say that most of us have never had to balance life as we have had to this 2020. Our lives have been turned up-side-down with a virus that has infected and killed many. It has upset the very core of life as we know it, and it’s not done yet. Many of us have had to work from home if you were blessed enough to still have a job, and many braved the storm and went to work to provide services for the rest of us to be able to get food, medical services, and all those essential things needed to survive.

Parents and guardians who have had to home school your children my hat’s off to you because I never understood the “new math.” I applaud you for taking care of the little ones who are not able to take care of themselves. Never in my lifetime have we been forced into providing virtual school for children who, by the way, are much smarter than we give them credit for. Some of them were able to do things that many adults have never done, but it’s not over yet. This pandemic is not over, and the dangers are not gone, so we all have to stay vigilant in our quest to stay safe.

Students and parents, we are approaching the new school year, and like that ship in new waters, we are causally moving forward and always thinking about the safety of our children and families as well as our staff who we need to educate the children. School starts on August 19th this year for most students, which is right around the corner. Never In my lifetime have we had to make sure that we watched everything around us for fear of getting infected on such a global scale. As you decide, “and you can decide” to either send your child back to school or have them learn virtually again in the beginning, then you should know that we will support you in your decision because we are all treading this water together. Parents, we need you to take the lead in doing what’s best for your child. Please check the District’s website to educate yourself on what your child or children’s schools need you to do. Don’t hesitate to call to ask questions, you and your children are our customers.

As your School Board Member, I strive to represent the best interest of your children. If you would like to reach out to me, email me at