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NaturalBrestylist Says… Your Hair Care Matters Guidebook Interview By Katherine Young

Breona Bynum_v2Breona book_v1Recently, I sat down with well-known natural hairstylist and co-owner of Everlasting Images, Mrs. Breona Bynum (alias NaturalBrestylist) to discuss her first guidebook entitled NaturalBrestylist Says… Your Hair Care Matters Guidebook.

Katherine: Congratulations Breona on your first guidebook! What made you create this guidebook?

Breona: I wrote the guidebook to guide anyone that’s natural or thinking about going natural. It’s not easy in the beginning, and I wish I knew these things I share in the guidebook when I started my journey.

Katherine: Yes, having a roadmap to help you understand your natural hair and how to properly care for it is so important. Can you tell us more about why caring for your natural hair is important?

Breona: It’s VERY important to many women because hair loss is at its’ highest. Many women are not taking care of their own natural tresses anymore, and are more concerned about how their looks versus the health of the hair. Everyone should want a great hair style and healthy hair!

Katherine: Yes! Healthy hairstyle and healthy hair matters! How can people purchase your book?

Breona: They may stop by Everlasting Images at 6820 N. Frostwood Parkway Peoria, IL 61615, email me at, or DM me on Instragram @naturalbrestylist.