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National Dog Bite Prevention Week, May 17 – 23


National Dog Bite Prevention Week

Peoria – Peoria County Animal Protection Services (PCAPS) is raising awareness of National Dog Bite Prevention Week, May 17 – 23. Dog Bite Prevention Week is sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association. This recognition week brings attention to the more than four million people bitten or attacked by dogs each year in the United States. It also encourages everyone to be proactive in preventing bites – many which affect young children and involve dogs known to the victim. In our community, PCAPS investigates more than 400 animal bites each year with many serious incidents affecting area families.

Many of these bites and attacks can be prevented by responsible pet ownership. PCAPS encourages all pet owners to:

  • Keep your pet restrained to your own property and supervised at all times

  • Supervise your dog around children

  • Make sure your pet has a current rabies vaccination and rabies tag

  • Spay or neuter your dog

  • Train and socialize your dog

  • Report free-roaming dogs to PCAPS immediately

It is also important to educate children about basic safety around dogs. Young people, and even adults, must be aware that not all dogs are friendly and given the wrong circumstances any dog can bite. As part of that education, PCAPS and the Peoria Humane Society offer presentations on dog bite prevention and safety around animals. Presentations can be tailored for any venue and are suitable for all ages. Presenters offer ideas for teaching children to be safe around dogs, tips on preventing a dog bite, and how to respond if a dog bites or attacks someone in your neighborhood.

For more information about Dog Bite Prevention Week or to schedule a safety presentation, call Peoria County Animal Protection Services at 672-2440.

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