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My Secret Place By Robin Carter

Things are so different now due to the growing numbers of people getting infected with the Covid-19 virus. Sometimes it’s hard to determine which time zone we are in. It reminds me of the “twilight zone.” I seldom leave my house for anything other than necessities. As I am driving along, I look around and notice that almost everyone is wearing face masks. When I enter a store, I cautiously search for my desired items while being conscious of keeping my six feet of social distance between the other individuals and me. I notice some people making eye contact with each other, perhaps speaking to them underneath their facial masks. Others will just look or stare at you silently while making their selections. Occasionally when approaching someone, I will notice the corners of their eyes will tighten or raise. I assume they are smiling at me, except I am not able to see their smiles underneath their snug-fitting facial masks. Parents are even assuring that their little ones are covered with their little masks. It seems that this has become a part of our daily dress-code nowadays. Some people are carefully selecting their clothes to match their face masks. Is this the new “norm?” Unfortunately, yes, at least for now.

Often I find myself reading and watching all local and national news concerning the Coronavirus and the tragic outcomes of it. This has become a daily habit of mine. Eventually, I will say to myself, enough is enough; then turn off everything and sit quietly, meditating on God’s goodness and His Grace. Oh, the wonderful world of peace. Then I will find that special place in my heart, that secret place, and talk to God. In this place, I find love, understanding, assurance, and endurance. Then I am reminded that it’s not the masks that are protecting us from the virus; it’s God, all by Himself. So if you’re in distress about the changing situation and times, find your secret place and dwell there and enjoy the presence of Gods’ true blessings.