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My Mother By DECB, SR.

I still can hear my mother’s call,

When I was but a boy,

I still feel mother’s hug,

That gave me so much joy.

I can taste my mother’s cooking,

How my mother could do,

Whip up a dish of pure delicious,

I remember those things – don’t you?

I can see my mother cleaning,

The house a special way,

I remember those summer days,

When she would let me play.

All day long as kids can do,

Then she’d wash my dirty clothes

And where she found strength to do,

Only the “Lord God” knows.

To give to me plus my brothers,

Maybe a wayward child,

I remember much of my mother,

Her worn-out tired smile.

So many things I could write,

Of all the love she gave to me,

And all she got from God, she gave,

God decreed this woman to be.

From Thoughts Out Of My Mind

June 1986