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My Girl, Mom By Cheryll Boswell

May is the month we celebrate and honor mothers across the country.  Somehow that one day of giving flowers, taking her out to dinner or even serving her breakfast in bed, does not seem to be enough to recognize the hard work mom’s do every day. I write this letter to say thank you to my mom.

“This is my daughter, she’s a twin”, has been your standard way of introducing me since I can remember. That proud moment of hearing how you introduce your favorite child has not changed. My siblings may differ on who’s the favorite.

While in grade school, the day I saw you make a prize-winning Easter bonnet hat from a brown paper bag, wrapped with pink and blue toilet paper I was proud. Even though it was for my twin, I’m still amazed at how you made it work. 

Top chefs and even Emeril Lagasse couldn’t hold a candle to your cooking.  You’re the queen of 30-minute meals and foods that are now priceless delicacies shown on food network channels. Though you’re the reason I don’t eat any pulled meat covered in barbeque sauce to this day, your creative cooking taught me not to be afraid of trying something new.

Mom, growing up I loved to hold your hand. Doing so not only made me feel safe, it also allowed me to let everyone know this is my momma as we walked to school or in the neighborhood.  Now I extend my arm to steady your balance as we walk to the car.

A home is where you raise your family, you laugh, you cry while life lessons are taught and learned.  I appreciate your hard work in making sure there was always a roof over our heads, and food on the table.

The many days we spent on fish banks as kids, I’ve learned were not about us eating for a day.  While you probably won’t ever see me on a fish bank in my adulthood, you’ve equipped me to eat for a life time.  Thanks for teaching me how to fish.  

The curfews we tried to break while trying to sneak in or out of the house, we thought you were oblivious to our shenanigans. You always knew.  Now I watch you trying to sneak out of the house.  We know when you leave.

The quotes that you used while we were kids, I have carried into my professional life. “Listen. Listening is not waiting for your turn to talk.”  I’m still working on that one.

You offered to quit your job and help me raise my child when you found out before me that she would  never walk or talk.  Now as your memory wains, I will forever be your keeper and reminder.  I won’t ask you to remember that day.  But I will never forget it.

One of God’s greatest wonders is to watch a garden grow. Mom you’ve laid a good foundation.  You’ve planted great seeds in great soil.  You’ve watered us, fed us, and watched us grow.  Now all the good things you taught me; I share with you, though you may forget. When you require things to be repeated, again and again, I will be patient as I say them one more time. 

Mom, you bring the sunshine on this cloudy day in May. You’re always my girl. Happy Mother’s Day.