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My COVID-19  Experience By Jordan-Amman West-Williams, Third Grader – Saint Sabina Academy

Some things have changed for the good. Some things are real different now. Like when we go to the store, we have to go early. Too early. There are only old people in the store because they can not stand outside in the rain. The lines are down the block and around the corner. You have to be in line almost an hour!

Then, the stores may not have everything. We already have tissue paper, but if you don’t have any, I feel sorry for you. Jewel’s has some, but it is marked up so high. Like who pays $10 for some tissue?

Then, people curse and fight in the stores. Not the old people, but my Nana says stuff to herself. Sometimes people’s carts are piled high, and they take everything. They fight over carts, or if you tell them to move back, they get mad and start cussing.

A lady was mad because the cashier told her not to come in the store. Her three children did not have on a mask. The masks are free, so I don’t understand why she did not have any. She called the store lady a lot of bad words. Then they walked out of the store, but their germs were still in the store! They give out free masks every week. What’s her problem? I am glad that I am not one of her kids, with no masks.

My Nana chases trucks. If you see a truck, you follow it. Sometimes the trucks have wipes and hand sanitizer on them. That is the way to get your supplies. If you come after the truck, you are LATE! Everything is gone. One time we followed a truck, and it was the milk truck!

The Governor comes on at 2:30 pm every day. I like that because I can take a school work break. It is too much work to do. The school packets are long and boring. I miss my violin teacher, Ms. Melanie, and my gym teacher, Mr. Scott. There is no more tap dance at school. I want to play with my friends, but I can not go to their house. They can not come over. I just have to work on boring work!