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Mothers Fair Part II By Evangelist Charity Sephus

Fair is a word that was originally defined as beauty, as in “my fair lady”. Solomon’s song compares the beauty of the church to a woman when he wrote “How fair and how pleasant art thou, O love, for delights!” (Song of Solomon 7:6)

May God bless dear mothers with tender care. Giving birth is an experience like none other. It was not easy but we did it for the joy of bringing life into the world. While being a mother is a privilege, great responsibility and often heartache is attached to the role. Having a mother is a blessing. Being a mother is also a blessing. She may not be your biological mother, but even so you are blessed. The children you care for may also be a charge given by God, then the blessing is for both you and the children.  May we realize that all the things we are for one reason – because of Mother.

One lovely day in springtime, called “Mother’s Day”, is designated to celebrate them in special ways. Traditionally, we give flowers, candy and pretty cards. The scripture teaches us to honor mothers, and when we do, life goes better for us. This is our opportunity to shine bright lights upon humble mothers. It is a good gesture to honor those who have no one to remember their difficult journey.  We can bless those who replenish the earth with life. Her plight is too great to be ignored.  Some take on roles far beyond the family. But God braves Mothers to be zealous. Mothers have continued to amaze the world throughout the ages.   

My mother never ceased to prove her durability, leadership and strengths. When our washer malfunctioned, she repaired it. The lamp that wouldn’t work wasn’t thrown away, she fixed it. Things like this should change the image defining Mother’s position in our homes and the work-place. Why, she even fixed the broken belt in the car without feeling it was a masculine task. Her existence was always impressive even with gooey black oil on her hands as she smiled and said, “All you have to do is wash it off”. She was awesome raising seven boys, and four girls.

Take time now to reflect on the BEAUTY OF YOUR MOTHER, because I know that bringing you into this world means she was breathtakingly awe-inspiring. Then do something that will replenish some inspiration to her.    

The memory of our mothers should recur frequently and sweetly in our lives forever.