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Mother’s Day without Mom By Kaye Bell

There are no gifts to buy, no special bouquet of flowers to send, no need to pick up the phone to make that call just to say I love you, and hear Mom’s voice. No laughter of pleasure as her children and grandchildren surround her for the festivity of Mother’s Day. There will be no celebrating this year; Mom is gone.

Mother’s Day, I think about it—I don’t want to think about it. The depth of loss is beyond words and the pain is still unbearable. Nevertheless, Mother’s Day is fast approaching and the realization of that day will be like none I have ever experienced.

If you still have your Mother, make sure you love and honor her on this upcoming Mother’s Day. Make whatever sacrifices that are needed to make her feel special. Take her to dinner. Buy those flowers or a box of candy. Show her how treasured she is because no one can love you like Mom will. Believe me you will not regret it.