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Middle school SkillsUSA students prepare for Statewide (virtual) competitions

Since 1965, SkillsUSA has been an integral part of career and technical education with an unwavering commitment to improving the quality of our nation’s skilled workforce. The mission is to prepare students for career success. We know it is critical that students understand their value and purpose while being connected to the in-demand careers that build economic security for a lifetime. 

The Middle School SkillsUSA program at the George Washington Carver Center focuses on the integration of what students learn in the classroom, through community engagement, through workplace experiences and competitions, and through leadership development. Through these diverse experiences, our students are taught 17 Essential Career Skills which we call the SkillsUSA Framework. These Essential elements represent the personal, workplace and technical skillsets demanded by business and industry but lacking in many employees today. 

Each year SkillsUSA hosts national, state and local competitions that allow students to showcase their work and understanding of the 17 Essential Framework skills. The Middle School SkillsUSA Chapter at Carver Center and Quest Charter Academy plans to compete this year in the areas of Creative Photography and Community Service. Virtual Competitions will Kick off on April 12 and close with an awards ceremony May 1st. 

With help from photographer Larry Hendricks and PCCEO food bank manager Wayne Cannon, our students are preparing their projects for participation in the 2021 Middle School Illinois SkillsUSA Competitions. 

While learning the fundamentals of photography, students will submit four photographs for judging that represent Human Interest, Landscape, Commercial/Industrial Design, and a Portrait. For their community service project, the chapter will distribute packages of food to youth that may go without food over the weekend. 

The first food distribution took place at Carver Center, 710 W. Percy Baker Ave., on Saturday, March 27th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Call Carver Center for other distribution dates.

For more information about SkillsUSA, or how to enroll, contact Sandra Burke or Billy Young at George Washington Carver Center – 309-839-0722.