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Marion McKenney Releases New Book Racism: Does it Still Exist?

North Charleston, SC – Racism: Does it Still Exist? by Marion W. McKenney takes the reader through some of the important events in American history in the last 50 years that shape how the world is today in regard to race relations. It is a look at how people of color in the U.S. were treated in the past vs. today; how racially divided the country was then, and how things have changed, or have they?

Ms. McKenney says, “For those who have been looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, it is my hope that the experiences shared by real people living in the 21st century will bring them to a reality that “things aren’t always as they seem.” It is Ms. McKenney’s hope this book will open a dialogue so people of all walks of life can identify, communicate, and try to understand and Love one another.

Marion W. McKenney, a former Peoria resident, graduated from Bradley University. She has written several children and adult books, most notably, Dem Church Folk, A Dream Come True, and The First Day of Kindergarten.

Racism: Does it Still Exist? can be purchased through,, or by e-mailing the author at The cost of the book is $12.95.  There is a fee of $3 for shipping and handling for each book if purchased from the author.