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Make Adjustments: Do Better By Latasha Schraeder

Happy New Year! January is a time to reflect on the previous twelve months. Personally and professionally, I tend to think about what transpired during that time. I celebrate my successes as a person, parent, wife and educator! I ponder my mistakes and shortcomings. Most importantly, I make the decision to do better. I actively think about what small changes I can make to become a better version of myself. I honestly believe if one works to become a better person, everyone around them reaps the benefits. I encourage you to take stock. What did you do well as a parent in 2018? Did you spend some quality time outdoors and away from technology with your children? How often were you “unplugged”? Were you able to build relationships with your child’s teacher?

Our youth spend a significant amount of time using technology in the form of IPads, video games, and cell phone apps. I plan to better monitor the time my children spend with electronics. I’m looking forward to replacing that time with reading. Think of the possibilities. Fifteen minutes spent reading each day totals 450 minutes or nearly eight hours each month. That is a substantial increase in reading time that will improve the chances of academic growth in reading!

January not only signals a new calendar year, but also a new academic semester. Take the time to reassess your child’s academic goals. Also, reach out to teachers to open or continue a line of communication about shared academic goals. In fact, January is an appropriate time to meet with teachers and or administrators to talk through how to best support your family through the second half of the school year. As always, attend the meeting with questions and concerns written down to make the most of your meeting time. As a parent and educator, I wish you an amazing year filled with promise, opportunities and victories!

Be your child’s best advocate.