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Lynda’s Heavenly Crunch “Business Spotlight” By Jannise Bush

Cashew Brittle for the Sweet Tooth

Jannise Bush20160216Lynda’s Heavenly Crunch is owned and operated by Lynda Saldana. Lynda’s journey into business did not begin with a desire to go into business. One day, she purchased some brittle cashew candy and shared it with her brother, John Saldana. He felt that he could make cashew brittle himself so, he created his own recipe. In 2008, Lynda, her sister, Janika Anderson, and John lived together and took turns making snacks, one of which was John’s cashew brittle. Lynda stated that, “When I moved in, they taught me how to make it. Even though I’m not much of a cook, they thought mine was better.”


Lynda Saldana

Lynda’s Heavenly Crunch began in 2015 when she made some for a friend, Cassandra Anderson. Anderson encouraged her to start her own business making candy. Lynda states, “I just wanted to make candy, but with her encouragement I decided to try. I am way out of my realm starting a business, so I’m seeking the help of others.” Finding the right help, people you can trust and who have the right skills and knowledge can be difficult.

When asked how she navigates reaching out and finding people she can trust, Lynda was very open and honest. “I’ve been burned—hurt in life, so my wall of protection goes up when it comes to letting outsiders in. I’m a private person, even within my family. Putting God first and following His guidance, I’m able find people whose advice I can trust. One day, I just told the Lord, I’m going to trust my family. I learned to trust my sisters, and God has shown me I can trust Cassandra and her husband, Barry.”

Lynda has grown in her business acumen. The greatest advice she can offer to others is to learn from other business owners, to do your research, and know your value—what your time is worth. She has also had the pleasure of meeting Doris Symonds, a local business mentor, who said something that sticks with her: “Don’t chase the money. You have a great product.”

What sets Lynda’s Heavenly Crunch apart from other peanut or cashew brittle is that it’s homemade. “I’m a stickler for not letting my candy sit,” says Lynda. “I take orders, make the candy, and deliver within 24 hours. It’s always delivered fresh and you can keep it up to two weeks. There are no additives and no preservatives in my product.”

Candy is a great gift for the holidays. If you’re in need of a Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day gift for a special someone, consider Lynda’s Heavenly Crunch. To place an order or for more information text Lynda at 309/362-1055.

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