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Local Educator Spreading Love One Book At A Time

Mrs. Gigi M. Gibson introduces her first self published inspirational, comforting, and overall feel-good book for children and adults alike. Letters From the Future; Sweet Words of Encouragement is an innocent compilation of encouraging letters and masterpieces written and drawn by 2nd-grade students for their beloved teacher.

Gigi is a native of Peoria, where she currently resides. She is no stranger to working with Peoria’s youth and economically disadvantaged communities. Gigi has more than forty years of experience in motivating and empowering youth to reach their full potential. Gigi’s experiences have provided her with the perfect foundation for inspiring today’s youth and young adults.

Gigi is a product of Peoria Public Schools and a graduate of Illinois State University. She considers herself extremely blessed to have matriculated through Peoria Public Schools and to be a retiree of the same school district where she once walked the hallways. She currently works as a supervisor over the Children & Youth Ministry at a local non-profit.

Gigi’s passion is helping students achieve academic success and developing a spiritual relationship with the Lord. She continues to pursue her passion as she ministers alongside her husband (Pastor John L. Gibson) at Rising Sun Christian Church in Peoria.

You can find Gigi on her YouTube, Glowing and growing with Gigi (with story-time segments for children and motivational talks for adults) Goodreads author page and Facebook. The book can be purchased on Amazon.