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Living By Faith By Evangelist Charity E. Sephus – Remember The Treasurers and Meditate

Everyone knows about human weaknesses and sometimes they are over magnified. However, there is more given to us by the grace of God, than the knowledge of evil and weakness. Confidence in God is stored within us like a trunk of precious jewels because God has given “every man a measure of faith.” The hearts treasury is like a garden where beauty has been sown with seed, having the potential to provide freshness and beauty for ages to come. That’s how it is with God’s investments and treasures, our incorruptible inheritance, which is in reservation and well protected from Satan, the thief and killer.

Let us remember sunshine on a rainy day in the exigencies of life, which is to say it can’t rain all the time because God even promised never to destroy the earth by water again. As he lifts us oh so softly with his treasury, he has stored within us, our hearts are enriched. Phrases of lasting truth and beauty serve to restore our souls in the needs and demands of life. I constantly share from my treasure box of richest memories, so they will not go to the grave. We cannot imagine life without the memories of the apostles, prophets and bible characters. There is still an important gem of mine kept so elegantly stored here in my heart. The value is so grand, that nothing is lost by sharing.

My mother and her sisters sang with the richest harmony and sweetness! In my mind’s eye, none of them were worried but all appeared to enjoy just singing praises with all exigencies consumed in the ability to worship God. Perhaps these words by K.B. F.W. and Lonnie B. Combs will usher you to a place of strength and precious and emotional memories. The impulsive emotional trip down memory lane often awakens parts of us that seem to sleep too soon.

Precious Memories, how they linger, how they ever flood my soul.

In the stillness of the midnight, precious, sacred, scenes unfold.

Precious memories unseen angels sent from somewhere to my soul.

How they linger ever near me, and the sacred past unfolds.

Precious father, loving mother fly across the lonely years;

The, old home scenes of my childhood, in fond memory appears.

As I travel on life’s pathway, knowing not what the years may hold;

As I ponder hope grows fonder, precious memories flood my soul

I remember mother praying, father too, on bended knee.

The sun is sinking, shadows falling, but their prayers still follow me.”

There are things that are not good to retain, so we can forget if we are determined. Let me list a few. Forget the slander, hasty unkind words, arguments, even the cause, forget that storm of yesterday. Forget unkind expression. Forget your numbers of your age, forget to be mean, but remember to do something good for yourself first then others. It makes sense to forget the things that hurt us by telling Jesus in prayer. Believe me, I know how difficult it seems to be, however let us remind ourselves that Jesus felt every kind of fleshly pain before he died. Then after conquering all he said “It is finished.”

Now, if for a fleeting moment you get a flash-back of the unkind, switch the thought for a pleasant one. For example, thistles have beautiful flowers. Hope, like a cheery sunbeam springs in the darkest hour. Dark clouds send living waters from heaven. Teardrops cleanse and refresh. God’s strength comes to us each time we suffer, and our will grows stronger when we strive to remember his goodness. Like a prize fighter, we grow stronger every time we fight. This is not theory, just fact. Painful memories fall powerlessly behind us when we reach for those treasures stored in these earthly vessels.

Psalm 63:3-6, tells us that God’s loving kindness is better than life, and David’s promise is to praise Him and bless Him in life lifting up his hands in Jesus name. The Psalmist David expected rich blessings and satisfaction for his soul as he opened his mouth to praise God with joyful lips; to remember God and meditate upon his bed, and meditate on Him in the night. Remembering that God had been his help continually, LET US CHERISH MEMORIES OF GOD’S BLESSINGS AS DAVID DID!

A good man out of the good treasures of his heart brings forth good things. We all have treasures in our hearts since God gave “every man a measure of faith” perhaps you would like to be remembered for the best that God has put within you! Thomas A. Dorsey took the time to emphasize to me, exactly why he wanted Precious Lord to be song the way he wrote it. His way was gracious and prayerful. Roberta Martin had a jubilee in heart but because of her raspy voice, she had another to sing it for her.

Now, since we were blessed with trail-blazers, perhaps we can light a fire for those coming after us. I took a hand full of jewelry to church the other day and passed it out to a few children who might do something good for someone one day. I quoted an inspiring scripture to a gentleman who looked stressed one day and he appreciated it. I took a song, a prayer, inspirational thought from my treasure; this is your copy. Remember your hearts treasures, meditate and satisfy someone’s hunger by sharing. Share those God-given riches, and fruit of righteous living, God’s love and understanding. Then you will always have more than enough to share