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Living By Faith By Evangelist Charity E. Sephus


John 19:25 Jesus’ mother stood there by the cross.

Mother is a title which is given to the female parent who suffers the pain and anguish of giving birth to a child. One who parents a child to whom she has not given birth may also assume the title. Women of advanced years, the scripture says to entreat as mothers. Nurturing and looking after someone with care and affection are familiar characteristics of mothers. Whether she is the birth mother or one who absolutely raises a child, give praise to a woman who fears the Lord.

Mary, the mother of Jesus gave the historic example of a mother’s love and devotion when she stood by the cross of Jesus. Jesus’ love linked him to his mother. Within those loving links that surround the gospel of Jesus Christ, we find the bonds of children to mothers. The children of virtuous women rise up and call her blessed. Proverbs 31:28, explains that children can simply give back some of the good given them by mothers and her own works will praise her.

The second Sunday in May is a lovely day in springtime when we honor our mothers in some special way. Mothers deserve flowers, pretty cards and family presence is important on Mother’s Day. Kind words and actions are necessary always; but you know, give something distinct and superior on this reserved day. It really is not difficult.

First, give thanks to God for life through your mother. During pregnancy, mothers may be nurtured well or come through much toil and suffering with very little special care. All mothers need healing after the birth of children. Each mother suffers the pain of childbirth alone with the help that only comes from God. There is a promised blessing for honoring mothers.

We may need to tap into a resource from the past to help improve the accolades for mothers today. Proverbs 1:8 says, “hear the instruction and forsake not the law of thy mother. Exodus 20:12 gives special duties to young people in saying “honor your mother: that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God gives thee.” Only God can give length to life. Did you know that children could wholly accept the words of life with their hearts? Give them these classic values so that the peace of God will have a home in their soul.


He kissed his mom good night,

Then Vanished from her sight

Saying I will do my chores tomorrow.

It was hard on her feet,

Still she had to sweep

For next day’s gladness or sorrow.

Cursing mothers carries a death sentence according to Matthews 15:4. Let us not analyze this because it is the word of the Lord. Children will live better and longer lives by learning and showing genuine respect. Maybe there are some “cool” moms or dads reading this page, but I am reminding you that Hell is not cool. I heard one mother telling another that “modern mothers let their children drink and call parents by their first name. I loved the response from the mother (with the conviction of let children be children) when she said, “There is no modern hell.”

Ephesians 6:1-3 says “Children obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. The phrase parents in the Lord means, in the presence of the Lord. Honoring mother is a commandment with the promise of blessings (“it may be well with you”), a long life. Children do not want to die young and parents do not want to bury their children. They are supposed to live long, as we did. Teach children obedience to the word of God.

Jesus paid an infinite cost as his mother stood by him and then he never left her. Childbirth also comes at an infinite cost. Stand by your mother. Mothers pass “through the valley of the shadows of death” to bring children into the world. That is why we call it “Labor” because it is work. Many lives will improve when children start obeying and honoring their Mother. Honoring in older offspring’s is an art of originating gifts and sympathizing and anticipating the needs of mothers.

As he went to his room, He thought of the broom

That his mom was practically leaning on

He said, “Mom don‘t stand

As he took the broom from her hand

To put love for his mom into action.

Leviticus 19:32 teaches dignity when it says “rise up before the hoary head, honor the face of the old man, and fear God.” Stand in recognition when dignity (elder authority) enters the room.

When my mother needed help, I never asked why?

More appropriately, I would gird myself to try

How she could love so tenderly, is to me a sweet surprise

In addition, her unrelenting stamina was always a wonder to my eyes

I never thought I would be one, but I pioneer in the family way

Another, blessed mother, I am one of them today

Now we give tribute to the mothers with our heart, gifts and voices. Although wisdom teaches us at times to hold back or hide our tears, mothers are not heartless. Crying keeps our hearts tender so when we do, it sometimes makes us feel weak. God’s “strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.” Mothers do not have iron spines: although after carrying children for almost a year in our womb, a year in our arms, then forever in our hearts, we continue to understand.

Yes, motherhood is an arduous task. With each test of suffering or sorrow, God gives strength for the hour.

Celebrate a blessing that God has freely sent,

No time for murmuring, perhaps time to lament.

Give public recognition and be grateful for mothers

God lent them for a season, when gone there is no other