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Live Life from Your “Someday” List! By Katherine Young

May is upon us and fortunately, so is SPRING! I want to encourage you this month to review your goals and dreams, your interests and even new things you may want to try, and to not just write a list of what you desire to do, but actually go out and do it!

Time is so precious and while we are unaware of our expiration date, we should take advantage to live life to the fullest. There are so many of us who are mundanely walking around day in and day out but have yet to really experience life. If you find yourself pondering if you’re living like that, do not feel embarrassed—just take a chance to add some more zest to your life. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Aside from your “someday” list, there are so many opportunities that may present themselves if you are open-minded. For example, you could learn how to skate, swim, or take a new exercise class to add some variety to your life and provide a healthy component as well. Check out the Peoria Park District’s Playbook for more ideas.

Peoria also has great art options at the Community Art Center or other art hubs like Wheel Art Pottery Studios, which provide classes on how to sling pottery, or you could even enjoy time at Fired Up, painting various pieces such as a plate, mug, or some other unique sculpture. Aside from art, during the spring and summertime in Peoria, there are vast options of events to choose from such as enjoying jazz on the Riverfront or other concerts and art shows. Don’t just stay at home all day doing the same boring routine! Get outside and LIVE!

When all is said and done, wouldn’t you want to be grateful that you did more than just think about living and actually enjoyed experiencing your life? Try some of the suggested ideas and then add-on traveling to places you’ve never been before if you have an interest in that area. Or pick up a new hobby such as gardening or learning a new language. As for myself, I am now learning Japanese since I’ll be visiting there with my immediate family soon. Until next time, have a great time enjoying your life!