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Lipo-Craze By Meicka “J”

Women are taking control of their bodies with reconstructive surgery. Liposuction is a procedure that breaks the fat and sucks it from the targeted area of your body. Often the targeted area is resistant to diet and exercise. Those that desire a more contoured look favor this route. Women of all ages and ethnicities have considered this procedure. Fat can be removed from just about any part of the body. Most recently women have been reported getting this procedure to remove fat from their calves to fit into stylist boots. This procedure is favored by celebrities and those who are fortunate to have coins in formation!

Lipo-Craze has taken the world by storm; most envision the perfect body without putting in work. I know it’s cheating to get results without discipline, and hard work but it’s important for some to look great in that dress or jeans. It’s important to do your research before having this procedure. I would not be convinced by the lowest priced surgeon. I believe in the “you get what you pay for” motto. If you decide to take the route of the lowest priced surgeon, keep in mind that you could possibly end up with a botched job and it would be more expensive in the long run having another surgeon re-do the procedure. Prices are rated by geographical location as rates are typically competitive and lower in metropolitan areas than rural areas.

Women are running to the nearest surgeon with their coins to have procedures done. The most popular place to offer affordable prices is located in the Dominican Republic. Prices for Tummy Tuck, Brazilian Butt Lift, inner thigh, and upper arms are priced as low as $3,900. Additional fees up to 2,000 include travel, staying at a recovery house up to 10 days with on staff nursing, transportation to and from airport with wheelchair accommodation and lymphatic massages. It’s always best to get a written estimate as phone estimates may not always be accurate. Dr. Baez is one of the most sought after surgeons in the Dominican Republic. Her information can be found

There are risks involved with any procedure and it is best to always consult with a physician before your procedure. As with any major procedure, liposuction carries risk such as bleeding, infection, and anesthesia complications.