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Let’s Come Together By LaFelda Jones

The election is over. The people have spoken. The results have been certified. Former VEEP has certified the results. The former Attorney General, William Barr, and the Supreme Court have stated the election was conducted in a legal and fair manner. The GOP has utilized more energy, effort and concerns into overturning our election instead of the COVID-19 crisis. Politically, I have watched and asked what’s wrong with these people? Let’s be very clear; I am not just a Democrat; I am a STRONG Democrat. The decline of the GOP under the POTUS of the previous four years can be described as a stain on America’s democracy; his stench will forever be on the GOP.

The election cannot be overturned despite the former POTUS encouraging people to storm the peoples’ Capitol in an illegal coup to not face the reality; he lost, honestly, fairly. Joe Biden won POTUS in the 2020 election… We should never forget the deadly attacks, and those who are responsible for them (including the former POTUS) should be held accountable. But moreover, we should focus on healing. For some 70 million Americans, the fact 45 lost has been a difficult transition. But I ask all of us to be tolerant of each other, despite not being offered or given tolerance in 2016 when we were told: “we could leave America if we did not like it.” We instead chose to follow the words of Michelle Obama, “When they go low, we go high.” While this has been challenging, it is what we did. With the election of Joe Biden, this does not automatically mean the division, the hate, the intolerance will just automatically disappear; that has to come from individuals. The ugly monsters of racism, white supremacy, xenophobia, and political ignorance have been summoned and is now on full display. But, having a POTUS who calls for peace, harmony, and unification…who recognizes that systemic racism exists is a start in the right direction. We are all Americans, and regardless of political party, we have to want it to go away. That requires work. The framers of our Constitution (Jefferson, Adams) and those who came after to refine and redeem America (King, Lewis, etc.) have given us the roadmap. It is up to us to head in the right direction.