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Let Me Make Another Excuse By Katherine Young

“Ya’ll, pray for me as I sing this song because I didn’t practice and don’t know all the words.”

“I didn’t make any pie today because you have to call a day ahead.”

“I’m late to work because I didn’t have a ride.”

How many of us have heard some of these sayings or something similar? In our microwave society, it’s becoming more commonplace for less-than-mediocre excuses to be the norm. Instead of owning up to our wrongs, we fight daily to allow our excuses to represent our true selves, when in reality, we are doing ourselves a true disservice.

There is nothing wrong with striving for excellence in everything that you do. Even when you fall, you have the opportunity to get back up, reassess your strategy, and try again to do your best.

Adults want to blame the youth for being lazy, but if you took a moment to be honest, as adults, we are falling prey to excuses, laziness, and a less-than-best lifestyle as well.

Plain and simple: we all have to do better.

While it may be easy to take the excuse route, I challenge all of us to choose to push and press through to be our best selves. How can you be your best self? Take time to pray and reflect on the path you are destined to truly live out. If you own your business, take time to learn your craft well, and seek help to maximize more positive results. If you find yourself constantly being late, reevaluate your schedule so that you begin arriving early to places versus being late. There are solutions to every problem; we just have to be willing to make small changes to display our best selves.