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Leroy Mack: The Secrets of Travel – Business Spotlight By Jannise Bush

Jannise Bush20160216Leroy Mack is an independent travel agent with InteleTravel, an internet-based travel agency. Previously, he’s worked at Caterpillar in security and for the Park District as a bicycle police officer. He is retired from the former Greater Peoria Airport where he held positions as a policeman, fireman, and EMT. Mr. Mack continues to work various jobs and also serves with ELITE Youth Outreach, a local nonprofit.

When asked why he made the leap from public service to travel agent, Mack cited his love of people, learning, and traveling. “I like to talk to people and get to know them. I have always believed tomorrow is not promised. So, that’s how I live my life. I’ve always traveled. Every time I saw a cruise on television, I went on one. I’ve been on eight cruises.”

photo-leroy-mack-colorMr. Mack stated that he got the travel bug when he worked at the airport. He would stop at the travel agency there and ask numerous questions about the business from the agents. Mack quickly learned that if you wanted to be a travel agent, you had to first work for a travel agent. He also realized that everything was internet based, an area he needed to brush up on. Going to school to learn more about computes was his first step into furthering his education. Mack became fascinated at what he was learning and took other classes in finances and stocks. He became an advent reader and watching television became a thing of the past. Eventually, he got a job with Peoria Ambassador Travel on Prospect Road doing outside sales which included selling cruise packages, rental cars, hotels and tours. On one of his trips to Atlanta on vacation, he met some InteleTravel executives. They talked about the business and were helpful in teaching him the ropes. At that time, there weren’t many African-American males in the travel agent business and what they stated intrigued him to give it a try.

Most people think it costs a lot of money to travel, but it doesn’t. The key to traveling anywhere you want is planning,” states Mack. For starters, he tells his clients to begin with a three-day cruise—leave on Thursday and return on Monday. He also advises going a day ahead of time to allow for any glitches that might occur like a late or cancelled flight. Mack recommends that travelers take out insurance because in a worst-case scenario, you can get a refund or reschedule. For more tips on savings, he states that the best time to travel is in the off-season, around April. Prices are usually at their lowest. Lastly, your travel agent should be able to give you advice on what hotels you may want to stay at during your trips.

One of the most common mistakes travelers make is booking trips to resorts and not buying a package with meals included. “People believe they will save money by eating in the city they’re visiting, but they end up spending three times as much,” Mack says. He also recommends people dress like the natives so they don’t stand out.

If you’d like to learn more about traveling, becoming a travel agent with InteleTravel, or planning for your dream trip, please contact Leroy Mack at 309-678-1003,, or visit his website at Mr. Mack also can share how financial planning can help you reach your monetary goals.

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