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Learn to Invest By Lorraine B. Carter

As I am virtually sitting here watching time go by, I am thinking, what a waste.  Even though I am trying to heal my body after mowing my front yard, I could be doing something worthwhile as I rest!  I looked among my books, sitting on top of my cluttered dresser, and decided to refresh my memory on Investing.  I chose a book instructing beginners on how to invest.

Neighborhood associations and churches would do well to teach members how to invest:  Today, the time is ripe for investing. There are many opportunities available for knowledgeable people.  These Leaders in our communities should do more to help people to help themselves.  Learning how to invest with “common sense” is needed in our communities!

There are many books available to help beginners to learn how to invest. Leaders should buy some of those books and start classes on investing. They should invite respectable people in the investment field to speak occasionally.

I think we know real estate (houses, property, commercial); is a great way to invest, but there are other ways of investing that most people do not know about or are poorly informed about.  So, a good way to start is through beginner classes.  Why not have those classes in our own neighborhoods?

Some youth complain, “There is nothing to do in Peoria!”  They could open up a whole new world for themselves, learning about Investing and becoming rich in future years. You don’t have to have large amounts of money to start investing.  Just know what you are doing; common sense is the rule.

The public library has many books on investing for beginners; people interested should start there. However, classes would be much more satisfying because you will have camaraderie with your neighbors!  

I recommend reading, The Beginner’s Guide to Investing. I hope I have helped somebody on the possible road to wealth.