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July: A Time for Preparation by Dr. Latasha Schraeder

I know it seems as if summer break just began, but it is not too early to start thinking about the next school year. The more thoughtful planning and relationship-building that occurs over the summer, the better the chances are your student will experience greater academic success! Use your school’s website as a resource to identify which teachers will be working with your children next year. You should also be able to find a scope & sequence that contains which topics students will learn about.

Over the last school year, you likely received both unit and standardized test scores. From those scores, there often emerges a pattern of skills your child needs to improve. For instance, reading comprehension or basic math skills are often skills students struggle with. Whatever the scores indicate, be sure to communicate the skills your children need to improve with their new teacher. This will ensure those skills are being targeted for the entire upcoming school year which will make a big difference! We want our students to experience as much economic growth as possible! Use this year’s data to hit the ground running next year!

Be sure to introduce yourself to the administration – the principal, assistant principal and dean. Unfortunately, Administrators are often viewed in a negative light. However, they can be an asset to you as you set academic, social/emotional, and behavioral goals. You can also look to them to share insights about your students’ time at school. We all know, we sometimes don’t get the entire story from our children! The school administration is a good source of information.