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Pledges to Ensure Transparency between the Auditor’s Office and Citizens While Safeguarding County Funds

Jessica Thomas color.JPGJessica Thomas who was born and raised in Peoria is an executive at a local non-profit organization and is declaring her candidacy for Peoria County Auditor. Thomas who holds an Accounting Bachelor of Science and a Master in Business Administration believes that the citizens and the governing board of Peoria County should be well-informed about the county’s finances.

“I am pleased and honored to announce my candidacy for Peoria County Auditor. I am determined to work for the citizens of Peoria County to ensure county departments are being fiscally responsible, accountable and transparent. So many citizens go away to study higher education and never come back to use those talents to contribute to Peoria County. I’m very happy to potentially have the opportunity to use my skills to benefit the citizens of my hometown.”

As county auditor Jessica will push for transparency, accountability and responsibility by ensuring that vendors receive a fair bidding process and are paid accurately, that all departments are budgeted and audited, that information is made publicly available and ensure that expenses are properly vetted and approved.

“I am looking forward to running a robust campaign with honesty and integrity, while educating the citizens about the importance of having a democratically elected county auditor.”