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Jeremy C. McCool And Dr. Anthony McBride Release Children’s Book “Princess and The Power of Melanin”

Independently published, the newly released children’s book, Princess and the Power of Melanin, co-authored by Jeremy C. McCool and Dr. Anthony McBride, collaborated to educate and inspire young girls to love themselves, no matter what they face in their lives.

Princess and The Power of Melanin was created to uplift young girls and combat the colorism that often exists in the World. McCool and McBride believe it is important to prevent young girls from viewing their melanin (skin color) as a negative attribute. Kids can be mean to their peers so the book serves as a tool to give young girls so much confidence, that no bully can faze them. McCool and McBride want the story of Princess to remind every melanated girl to love herself.

Pamela Underwood, M.S., MBA stated in her book review, “I really loved this book! As a new parent to a melanin King, the message was powerful and accurate. I loved the parental support in helping Princess understand how special and wonderfully made she is. This book spoke to me as an adult and I know young girls and mothers will appreciate such a beautifully written message regarding their magic.”

“It brought tears of joy to my eyes reading Princess and POM. Growing up in a caucasian community as a little dark skin girl, I always felt out-of-place. Almost everywhere I went I stood out and people were always staring. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. My hair, skin and body were different. A book like this would have been helpful and would have made me feel special growing up. I’m grateful for the authors who decided to write a book like this to teach young dark skin girls about the beauty of their skin,” said Emily Schmidt, U.S. Navy Veteran.

Princess and The Power of Melanin was written to combat bullying and promote self-love among young African American girls,” McCool and McBride expressed. To purchase book or audiobook visit