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Jeans That Compliment Your Body Type By Meicka “J”

Emeicka Johnson - Fashion Forward2Shopping for denim can be a challenge especially if you have curves. I’d like to share a few tips on how to select proper fitting jeans. Most women I converse with about finding proper fitting jeans, face the same struggle: finding ones that compliment the shape of your body. Finding proper fitting jeans can be a difficult and an expensive task. I’ll share where you can find jeans and how much you would be expected to pay.


Some jeans actually work in our favor by running larger than sized. You can get a size smaller and they also fit well. Try brands like Celebrity Pink which can be purchased from your local Macy’s or YMI is a brand of jeans that run slightly larger. Both of these jeans can be found in the juniors dept. in most department stores. Don’t let the fact that they are located in the juniors dept. deter you from buying them. YMI goes up to size 15 which is equivalent to a size 14-16 misses. Celebrity Pink goes up to size 17 which is equivalent to a size 16-18. The average cost of these jeans are $25.00-$45.00. *YMI is also available in plus sizes


If you find difficulty with jeans that fit properly due to being curvy I would like to suggest how and where to shop. It’s important to choose a higher rise fitting jean. A higher rise will fall below your navel, but will cover your hip and bottom. It would be best to find a soft denim with a bit of stretch. Opt for a boot cut or wide leg fit as it will balance out your curves or consider a straight leg if you want the skinny look. Joe’s Jeans “Honey” fit are best for the curvy fit. Joe’s Jeans can be purchased at or any high-end department store. The prices range from $158 and up. The sizes run from 23-32 and size 33 is available in select styles. A size 33 is equivalent to size 14 misses. Express and have curvy fit jeans that have positive reviews. goes up to size 18 misses. Our local Express store only goes up to size 12. You may see larger sizes on occasion but most likely are returns from an online order. There is always the good ole pair of Levi’s that can be found in major department stores


If you desire a better view from behind YMI jeans, has a style called “Wannabetterbutt” that puts emphasis on your rear and hugs every curve. The secret to making your rear look fuller is to find jeans with smaller back pockets with a higher rise or no back pockets at all. Think “Apple Bottoms” jeans, as their claim to fame was the fact that their jeans make your rear appear fuller. And remember how the rear pockets were smaller? Emphasize your rear by highlighting your waist. The smaller your waist looks, the rounder and fuller your rear looks. Anything with stretch will be your rear’s best friend! Happy Shopping!


High-waisted jeans will hide a muffin top, the purpose is to hold your stomach in. The trick is to minimize your spillage from your sides. By wearing high-waist pants, because the bottom rises up it eliminates the muffin top. The reason muffin tops exist is because your top is too short and your bottoms are too low. If you have a favorite pair of pants that are too low and you refuse to part ways with them, try wearing a tunic top to hide the gap between the pants being too low. Going up a size in pants can help eliminate a muffin top also. Tucking your shirt in will NOT eliminate your muffin top! Shirts tucked in are best for those with a small waist, otherwise your muffin top will still be evident!