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It’s All in the Communication Details – Chronicles of the Bynum Bond

bynum20160216No one’s perfect. But when we get married, why do we tend to think that the other is perfect? 

Preparing for our anniversary trip, I made a checklist of things to make sure we had packed versus thinking as I pack. When we arrived at our destination, I realized I didn’t pack my husband any socks. I knew he would be wearing sandals daily, but I totally forgot the socks because he doesn’t go to bed barefoot. So I’m thinking, Great, of all things I forget socks, and I expressed my apologies to him. 

The old, immature wife would have said, “Well you should have packed your own stuff then Larry” (called by his government name minus any “Bae” sentiments at that moment). Some may think this is small but what MOST don’t understand is that it’s the littlest things that the enemy tries to use against husbands and wives. I can honestly say the smallest things would get us all upset with one another. One day, I got to thinking about all the disagreements Larry and I had and I’m thinking Wow, the smallest things are really the ones that made us disagree

Communication is such a big key in a marriage because it keeps us on one accord. I feel like the enemy knows what doors are open to invade. We know he can’t enter unless we give him permission. He doesn’t need much space to do so; it’s important husbands/wives are alert because the enemy is always looking for an advantage to do harm. 

What I’ve personally learned about a key communication ingredient in a marriage is this: if you have to question yourself, then you should talk with your spouse, and don’t second-guess yourself—just discuss it. Remember: what’s small to you may not always be small to your spouse.