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It Always Happens to Me! By Lorraine B. Carter

Did you ever think about saying those words?  It always happens to me! 

It is like laying down a memory pattern, such as mindset.  Maybe you probably said that at your time of discerning news or coming up on a curmudgeon store clerk who has sold you two sizes in a new suit.  Then there are the times when a seat mix-up happens just before the opening Act. 

The thought probably came to you early in life when your second-grade teacher didn’t call your name when handing out papers.  Later she confessed, your paper was accidentally thrown into the thrash!  You probably said under your breath, it could only happen to me, and it stuck.

Now, you must stop saying the self-defeating phrase and buying into it whenever the unexpected happens! Instead, a better comment would be something like Praise the Lord; life is beautiful!