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Interview with Jamar Hardin, owner of Pure Oasis and Major League Barber Shop Celebrating Black History Entrepreneurship By Michelle Danage-Sanders

Jamar Hardin became a barber because he loved cutting hair so much that he took that chance when the opportunity presented itself to become one. He wasn’t too sure about that risk, but he was glad he did it.

Jamar Hardin

When asked about being a barber in Peoria, Jamar thinks the culture is vibrant. “It’s a strong community of barbers like myself; we can always talk to one another about the game by different things going on in the Barber community,” states Jamar. Jamar loves that about Peoria barbers. “It’s like we’re all brothers at the end of the day,” he added.

Jamar is opening doors for minority entrepreneurs in the community by inspiring them to do the same in whatever they want to do; take the risk, take the chance and go after it to make it happen.

He doesn’t necessarily know the next 3 to 5-year plan for himself, but hopefully, he will open another barbershop or a school. “There is already a great one now with Mr. Glass, but hopefully, soon, something like that will present itself for me as well,” he said.

“Looking at my ancestors inspired me to open my own business just as my Aunt Josephine Kyle did as a beautician for many years. I was also inspired by my grandfather Fred Danage who owned several businesses in Peoria. Knowing that this is in my blood gave me the ultimate confidence to go out and try different things,” he says.

A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held by the Peoria Chamber of Commerce on January 15th.  Photos courtesy of Michelle Sanders, Chamber Ambassador

Pure Oasis is open in downtown Peoria at 315 Main Street, Tuesday – Saturday, 9 am – 8 pm.

Call (309) 839-8600 or Follow Jamar Hardin on Facebook and Instagram to book your next appointment.