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Inspiration to Endure: The Tenacity to Continue to Achieve By Latasha Schraeder

As the school year comes to a close, it is sometimes difficult for students to continue to put their best foot forward. With roughly thirty school days remaining, there is still time to make a significant amount of academic growth. As a parent, I urge you to remind your child to leave it all in the classroom. Refuse to allow the months of April and May to be composed of unproductive school days. Don’t allow your child to diminish his or her potential academic achievement. Encourage them to keep pushing!

With spring parent-teacher conferences recently completed, you can use data gathered during that time to motivate your students to set realistic goals for academic growth. Allow your student to dictate the conversation. What are his or her thoughts about their grades? Do they believe they can do better? How can improvements be made? Perhaps a letter grade of C can be improved to a B. Did low test scores cause a grade to fall? Together, you and your child can brainstorm ways to improve study habits. If you child has done well, congratulate them and review the ways in which those results were accomplished! Do not take your eye off the prize. Your enthusiasm is contagious!

At this point, the school year is more than three-quarters complete. Approximately seven weeks remain before summer break begins. Work with your child to create a visual game plan (calendar, chart, or poster) for the remaining school days. Make it fun! Add some incentives. Give your child some ownership in the process which will increase his or her engagement. You can do this! Remind your child to continue to make his or her best effort. After all, “Continuous effort not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking your potential.” ~ Winston Churchill

Be your child’s best advocate.