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In loving Memory of Melinda Hunt Nelson By Kaye Bell

My mother, Melinda Hunt Nelson was independent, vibrant, and faithful to the true and living God. Mother was still working and driving at the age of 90 years old. She loved people and always wanted the best for them. She knew that earth would not be her eternal home so she prepared herself, as well as others, for a residence in eternity, where suffering, heartache and pain would be no more. She often said, “I live this life to live again.”

On Sunday, November 7, 2016, my mother suffered a stroke; we knew her life and our lives would never be the same. For the next three months her physical condition deteriorated.

As the transition began, our family tried to prepare ourselves for it. But it was the hardest adjustment to make, knowing that Mom would no longer be here on earth with us. My heart broke because she was not only my mother; but my best friend. As our hearts hold everything that she taught and instilled in us close; it is our foundation, family values and strength that unite us to continue the good fight of faith.

On February 6, 2017, my Mother departed this life to her eternal home. The pain and tears of her leaving are a part of my daily life for now, because I miss and love her so much. Her life touched many people and her profound faith, wisdom in God and His word is what she gave to everyone.

Mom, I miss you!