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I’m Living with HIV…What Can I Expect At My Regular Medical Visits?



Learning about and understanding your HIV medical care options will help you manage your HIV infection.

Support is available to help you find medical care, decide what HIV treatment options are best for you, and stay in care so that you can live a longer and healthier life.

Living with HIV can be challenging at times. Partnering with your health care provider will help you manage your health and HIV care.

During your medical appointments, your health care provider may:

  • Conduct medical exams to see how HIV is affecting your body.

  • Ask you questions about your health history.
  • Take a blood sample to check your CD4 count and viral load.
  • Look for other kinds of infections or health problems that may weaken your body, make your HIV worse, or prevent your treatment from working as well as possible.
  • Give you immunizations, if you need them.
  • Discuss, prescribe, and monitor your HIV medicines, including when and how to take them, possible side effects, and continued effectiveness.
  • Discuss strategies that will help you follow your HIV treatment plan and maintain your treatment.
  • Help identify additional support you may need, such as finding a social worker, case manager or patient navigator; finding an HIV support group; finding support services for mental health or substance use issues; or finding support services for transportation or housing.
  • Ask you about your sex partners and discuss ways to protect them from getting HIV.
  • Ask you about your plans for getting pregnant or getting your partner pregnant.

Talk regularly with your health care provider about how you are feeling and communicate openly and honestly. Tell your health care provider about any health problems you are having so that you can get proper treatment. Discuss how often you should expect to attend medical visits. Staying informed about HIV care and treatment advances and partnering with your health care provider are important steps in managing your health and HIV care. Stay Well!

For information on finding a HIV Health care provider and/or support for living with HIV in IL, visit:

HIV Care Connect is a program of the Illinois Public Health Association and is funded by the Illinois Department of Public Health.



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