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If Your Heart Wasn’t In It By Cleo Dailey III

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” – Jeremiah 17:9

Cleo Dailey, III (Modern-day Lazurus)My generation has a hilarious saying that rings so true around this time of year. We often call this “cuffing season”, that time of year when with reckless abandon of morals, people choose someone to be with, to “cuff”, and claim as their own to get through the bitter cold nights. Now, wait, before you get convicted, let me talk to you…

Single, separated, and divorced people often find themselves at a loss during the change of seasons. While fall leaves percolate brilliant hues and brisk winds nip the nape of our necks, we often say (if only in a whisper) “this sure would be nice to share with someone.” To make matters worse, we find couples out shopping, looking for décor and holiday spirits to prepare for the season. Feelings of anger, resentment, longing, and even jealousy can arise in this season. Should you be one to testify of these, don’t fret. There is help here! You can stop reading after this one sentence. Their blessing is tailor-made for them, and you are being tailor-made to be someone else’s blessing. Don’t rush that process.

The feeling that supersedes all of those, however, is the one I worry about in this particular prose. You see, loneliness is a cancer of the heart. It tells you that you aren’t enough. It tells you that you are insufficient. It tells you that you must find a substitute. Spam was created in 1937 to substitute for food. This salty look-alike substance was never meant to replace meat. Rather, it was given as a complement to the desire for protein. It gave with all its salty glory the fulfillment that meat would give.

Let’s go deeper…

You are nobody’s Spam! You are not merely a warm body to cuddle up to. You are more than your attributes. Until the appropriated time of marriage, you are solely in a relationship with the Lord. You live to do His will, to say yes to His way, and to fulfill His will in the Earth. Atlantic Star said that if your heart isn’t in it, why can’t you tell me so. God is asking us this question as fall comes in like a flood. If you are looking only for cheap quick thrills, relearn your worth. You heart will trick you into something that your hands can’t get you out of. Wait on God.