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I wish someone would have told me…Going Away to College By Meicka “J”

Going away to college is an experience you will never forget. It is the first time many have been away from people who raised you. It’s exciting but yet scary. A lot of scary thoughts creep into your mind about living away from home and especially if you have a roommate. It is a test to your personal growth and independence. I collected ideas from personal experience and others to develop a checklist to review.

  1. Save as much money as you can during the summer
  2. Do not bring your whole wardrobe…you can rotate at fall break
  3. Take advantage of writing lab
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  5. Do not close your bank account at home…money can be deposited into your account which saves from using Western Union
  6. Focus…of course isn’t that why you are in college?
  7. Communicate with roommate prior to move in
  8. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re not getting along with roommate…sometimes change is good
  9. Budget, Budget, Budget
  10. Avoid credit cards…they are the devil!
  11. Loans… only borrow what you need
  12. Gift cards are Heaven sent
  13. Network with other students that have same classes…saves money on book expenses
  14. Buy at least one t-shirt representing your school…you will probably be wearing it 10 years later
  15. Stay on campus as long as you can…apartments come with big bills
  16. If you plan to live off campus look into establishing residency (out-of-state)
  17. Birth control…please practice safe sex…College campuses are nesting grounds for STD’s and pregnancy.
  18. Prioritize
  19. Always be nice to the cafeteria staff…that extra piece of chicken will be greatly appreciated. LOL
  20. Buddy with a person that is from a city/town close to campus…when homesickness kicks in you will appreciate those Sunday meals
  21. Keep plenty of paper cups, plates and plastic utensils on hand
  22. Make large purchases once you arrive…it’s a burden to ride in a vehicle long distance while transporting everything you own…or have it shipped