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I KNEW A VIRTUOUS WOMAN By Evangelist Charity E. Sephus

charity SephusMy mother was that “virtuous woman” spoken of in the bible. She was strong, beautiful and kind. She raised seven boys and four girls successfully, phenomenally and cared for many people in and out-of-town. Her gentle, caring, and selfless nature made her easily entreated. One thing she desired and sought after was, “To Behold the Beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in his temple.” She believed in God, with diligence while teaching youth, fund-raising, caring for the sick, clothing the less fortunate, sheltering the homeless and never showing meanness or harsh words about those people. I had seven brothers and three sisters, so it is absolutely a wonder that she was able to do for anyone outside of her own family. She was the “church mother” who prepared communion and counseled the elders.

I walked through her bedroom as she was listening to a gospel song, with her eyes so filled with tears she sang, “Jesus said whosoever will let him come.” When I heard her singing “I’m sending my timber up to heaven everyday” I asked what she meant by that. Answering with a smile she said, “That means sending up your prayers.” Mother always smiled, even through tears many times. She practiced such a level of dignity, that when the Lord saved her, people said, “How could she get any better? She was already so nice.” But, great is the mystery of godliness! His keeping power led her through difficulties assigned to her life. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers them out of them all.”

This lady would endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. She lost one daughter and two sons before she was called home. When my children were beginning to grow older and spread their wings, I complained that they were never at home anymore. Just as pleasantly as she always spoke, she enlightened me by saying, “Well just thank the Lord that you are not putting them in the ground.” That was an awakening. I’m grateful that they are somewhere in this world. I pray that they will all grow old serving the Lord with gladness.

The Christian Lady was diplomatic in her way of teaching. Complainers find difficulty reaching goals. Find some good in situations and people, as she taught. “Speak kindly! Entreat others, as you want to be treated.” The Lady was an anointed Ambassador for Christ!

As children we were not allowed to call people liar or fool. These words render strife and the bible says if you call your brother a fool, you stand in danger of “hell’s fire”. These days it is considered acceptable to refer to people in negative and insulting expressions in addressing them. However, “Of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks”. Do you think anyone who can freely refer to you in terms of degradation really cares for you? Corrupt teachers of sin and disgrace will never be right even though it seems popular, so it is profitable to adhere to sound advice, with the understanding that the profane person is a self-destructive one.

The lady of virtue was chosen and blessed.

The beauty of the anointing shown in her dress.

She had a style that was all her own.

Her hats were emulating the dress of the throne.

Late one evening, Mother answered the door to find a young lady leaning there crying. I’ll never forget how gently she embraced her saying “sweetheart, honey, what’s wrong?” I was such a child, but the memory is soul warming. Mother took her in and helped her.

We canned and stored food for the winter, and with pride, Mother lined up the jars around the shelves on the back stairwell. She expected for the stock to last much longer than it did. One day she saw a little boy running home with a jar tucked under his arm. We wanted her to stop him from stealing our food, but she laughed and said how cute he looked “booking” away. The mystery of disappearing fruit was solved.

A Holy woman of God, changed by grace;

Was addicted to wearing a smile on her face.

She loved the change that God made in her life;

It confirmed the uselessness of strife.

Who can find a virtuous woman?” I am blessed to be the daughter of one. She minded her own business. Another of her favorite songs was “Sweet Jesus.” Oh, how she would rock and smile as she sang. She was so full of His presence; she just floated to the floor as if she had been knocked over with a feather. With a smile and praise, she would gently sit up, glowing with the Holy Ghost. It was a beautiful sight. “If I could hear my mother pray again how happy I would be, ‘twould mean so much to me.” The lady, the Ambassador, simply, not frantically loved the Lord. She was an “in charge” person until the end.

God gives character to sustain his own

Against strong winds during the storm.

Into the storm we must lean.

Dignity and priceless victory will then be seen.

Let God warm his hands at our heart when we pray! Time takes away our yesterdays so we can have a song in our hearts today.

Preserve your dignity, poise and purpose, Dear Hearts. “Let your light shine before the world, so they can see your good works and glorify the Father in Heaven.” It is not foolish, just pure dignity. Cry a little, BUT Smile and Laugh a lot. What we do adds to the expression of what we are. The children of kings have responsibilities to themselves that no servants are able to supply.

Be an ambassador for Christ; it will certainly enhance your life.