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How to Enjoy the Classic Family Reunion By Michelle D. Sanders

The one thing I love about summer is Family Reunion time!

Michelle Sanders photo 460 260Calling the family together, getting the grills out and line dancing makes me excited each year for this special event. To get things started, you must have family volunteers to coordinate and plan the occasion.

Some helpful tips that I have found useful is to start the process early, like right after Christmas. You need at least six months to make sure you have enough time. I really like “EOS” (End of Summer) picnics but these tips can be used anytime in your planning.

  • Contact family members via Facebook, Twitter, by mail, email or phone. Ask them if they would like to get together and when would they like to have a family picnic.
  • Find out who in the family will be coming. Will traveling be an issue?
  • Will they be staying with family, friends or in a hotel? If it’s a large family, you might want to contact a few hotels for a block of rooms.

The most important step is to vote on a family member who will coordinate the whole event. It can be one person, a family member, but a team of family members is ideal.

  • Have a person seek a location or venue and have each family cast a vote.
  • Create a menu; decide if it should be catered or each family brings a covered dish. Make sure to check what foods everyone can eat (allergies and dietary concerns) this plays a key role.
  • Have someone in charge of games and activities and set timelines for each activity.
  • Collect an agreed upon amount from families to cover T-shirts, decorations, signage and etc.
  • Have someone collect the family history and present it at the event to educate the younger members about their heritage.
  • Make sure to designate a family photographer; have everyone send photos to one person or post on Facebook on a family page.
  • Have someone make family banners, with a family logo or crest, with the family colors.
  • Set-up a welcome committee for each day of the event.

These are my tips that may help you to organize a successful family reunion. Remember, keeping the family together is so important these days. Sharing old and making new memories is key to keeping the family close. Support your family and family reunions.

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