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How Do You Love? By Katherine Young

Katherine Young photoThere is a certain expectation many acknowledge that in this month, it is time for LOVE to be on display and “showcased” for all to see. Companies thrive in earning billions of dollars when sweethearts seek out to buy the best delectable chocolates, hearts, cards, jewelry, clothing and much more merchandise to communicate to your loved one just how much they mean to you. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy a rich, creamy caramel chocolate delight myself, but what I do wonder for the majority is this: what do you do the other days of this month or even the year?

Reflecting on the diverse ways we can show love to each other on a daily basis, I wanted to share some ways those who are closest to me share their love. Please feel encouraged to use some of these ideas and incorporate them the best way it would work for you and your loved ones.

How do I love you? Well let me count the ways.

Little hands of hope from beloved children pray for me

When I am sick or am in need of inspiration. There is power in prayer.

Ironing my clothes until the creases are just right is no small feat.

You are the best man with this skill, I cannot deny.

Enjoying family-friend games, good food, and great memories,

Impressed upon my heart is quite true.

Watching kids or making monster cookies because you care

Showers me with more than what money can buy.

Sending me a message of encouragement—don’t ever give up, don’t you dare!

You keep it real with me when I want to stay being right when I know I am wrong.

You advocate for me in all areas of my life, showing me my best potential.

You forgive me and then move on, not holding grudges unnecessarily.

You see the best in me—you don’t abuse it, but relish what we have.

These are some ways we show love.