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Holiday Party-The Office By Michelle Sanders

You have been charged with planning the office Holiday Party – now what do you do? The word “Panic” is not an option. Just remember to plan, be flexible, manage the project and execute. Following is a blueprint for getting started.


  • Put a team of employees together that want to help.
  • Decide on a date or dates if your first choice is not available.
  • Survey employees to choose a date, majority rules.
  • In your survey ask about the activities they would like to have, food choice (plated or heavy hors d’oeuvres) and location of the event.
  • Don’t forget to send out Save-the-Dates through email and the company newsletter.


  • Venue Cost, Food Cost, Entertainment and Activities.
  • Average cost is about $75 per employee, so if you have 20 employees you are looking at a $1500 budget. If you cannot afford that type budget, then cut the cost in half and have a smaller scale event. Consider a “Potluck” for food cost.

Party Type:

  • After-hours party or At Work and Celebrate

Well, you have a blue print to getting started. Now take this party and make it your own.

A holiday party is a nice way to fellowship with other employees and departments, but let’s also remember this is the year of giving. Be mindful of those who have lost hope and have nothing to give. Give back by hosting a food drive, coat drive or toiletry drive. Ask each employee to bring the item(s) to the party as a contribution to the holiday event. “Giving comes from the Heart.”

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