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Holiday Gift-giving Challenge for 2015 — Positive Empowerment for People By Katherine Young

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Katherine Young

Autumn is such a beautiful season to enjoy: the vivid colors changing on the leaves; bonfires to enjoy with friends and family; Thanksgiving festivities; and of course, let’s not forget the football banter in the air. Unfortunately, though, in the world we live in where so much is fast-paced, it seems once the turkey has been cut for Thanksgiving, people are so fixated on material consumption. There seems to be an overdose of headlines and news feeds about sales and ways to spend money or people are getting trampled trying to buy the next big HD television or supposed “gift” for a loved one.

May I challenge you (and even myself) to focus more on the quality of time versus the quantity of material possessions? Don’t get me wrong: there isn’t anything wrong with being a blessing to someone and sharing your love by buying gifts—but there is so much more to embrace in the sharing of TIME.

Don’t allow the economic world to bully and frazzle you into thinking that your quality of living will not be fulfilled if you don’t buy the next “best” gadget, appliance, technology, or whatever else is being offered. For this upcoming season, consider buying fewer items. Using the hours you would have spent standing in a department store line or even ordering online, spend it playing games with your children, making a craft such as home-made cookies or cards for other loved ones—overall, just use your time making memories with those you love. These are the times where money really can’t buy happiness.

I’d love to hear how you made your holiday season more meaningful with less possessions and more quality time: email me at