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“Hold Fast” By DECB, SR

There was weeping all about Him.

There was pain and sick so clear,

There was mother, father rearing children

I beg Thou, Listen, Hear

There was Man against his brother,

Confusion now did rain

Drops of woe on Mother Earth,

“Apocalypse” – yes came

Each did ride, with the wind

Catch their scent; they don’t care,

Is not this – ‘Revelations’?

go on your knees in Prayer

And cry to God, if you want,

Drop all pride as you bend,

Tell your Father, have His Will

When the day God sends

Word for you to come on home,

For Thou has labored hard

Upon Mother Earth, Which God made

As before did Christ, our Lord

Who now takes in our prayers,

Still so humble, Christ does bow

Unto His God, Father, Friend

To ask God bless you now

For Jesus Christ did endure

As He walked through the land,

He saw the Horsemen as they rode,

Still “God” saw Him stand

With a smile on His face,

Helping all as He pass

Sharing gifts of His Spirit,

His life a looking glass

That beaconed bright, from afar,

Those like me could see

A blessing sent by our God,

That shined, stayed bright for we

Who in this time where they ride

Shall not fret always

“Please” – ‘Hold Fast’ for our Christ

He comes with brand new days.

-From Thoughts Out of My Mind- April 1989