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Guns, Who Should Own One? By Lorraine B. Carter

Guns, who should own one? That question often erupts in bitter arguments and stoic opinions. People are often on one side or the other. The arguments usually invoke cries of racism, classism, and governmental dictatorship in taking civil rights away from its citizens to own guns. The Second Amendment states: A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. That second Amendment is a part of the American Constitution, and nothing is going to change it outside of war or revolution. However, many things have happened in the world, including American history, World War’s, Korea, Viet Nam, and many skirmishes that required armed intervention by our government.

All of that, including the movies, has exploded in the ownership of guns. These are a mere mention of some reasons, but there are a plethora of reasons for the explosion of gun ownership and shootings. It has been said shootings were between rival gangs, but that is no longer completely true. Domestic abuse has erupted in deadly shootings. Then there are feuding neighbors, teenagers killing each other, accidents, and suicides. Some say guns are not the problem; people are. Then others say, if guns are taken away, only the criminals will have them, and the law-abiding citizens will have no defense against criminals. Many arguments abound in our society, but not one of them matters when you are told your loved one has been shot; when some misguided person decided to use their gun to kill and mane innocent people, because of some unfounded reason. The cowards open fire because they don’t have the courage to discuss a grievance. A few policemen shoot unarmed people and lie about reasons why they used deadly force. Don’t think this is not a part of the recklessness that has gripped this gun-toting nation. It is not gun ownership; it is the psychological damage done to some of America’s youth when they see injustice and open murder of black men and women.

The arguments stop at my door, and perhaps a gunless America, including the police, would be the answer! Conscientious, intelligent people must figure out how to compensate victims with a load of real money and make the shooter pay if it takes a lifetime of restitution. Then and only then will this needless bloodletting stop. The question will have been answered: Guns who should own one?