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Gun Safety Importance By Ryann St. Louis

When I think of Gun Safety, I think, please protect my life. I need to be safe and I need my family and friends safe too. I just don’t get why everyone is shooting everyone.

Every time I watch TV with my parents we always hear about somebody getting shot or dying. I get sad and scared and usually ask my parents if they know them, but before they can answer, I see their faces teary and sad. My next questions are what can make us safe so it doesn’t happen anymore? Is there anything I can do to change it? The answers I got were, change the gun laws and use your voice to change them. How do I do that I’m 11! I thought for awhile, and an idea hit me- what if we asked people to vote to make guns harder to get and more money to buy like houses? What if we make programs that pay people more money to do the right thing instead of making more guns and making them so easy to get into the wrong hands? I believe that safety means doing your best to not let harm happen to you or others.

So many kids in our communities across America have died by guns being in the wrong hands. This needs to stop today. I think better gun safety laws would be a great start to save lives.